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The Vision of Belwin Conservancy: Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields at Belwin Conservancy, Lakeland, Minnesota

Belwin Conservancy is an organization that has long been dedicated to preserving natural resources and conserving the ecological balance in Minnesota. Its mission is to provide educational programs, trails, and parks that provide opportunities for recreation, education, and natural resource protection. As such, Belwin Conservancy is committed to providing an example of how to properly and respectfully enjoy the environment. This commitment was further demonstrated with the opening of the Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields at Belwin Conservancy, Lakeland, Minnesota. The Lucy Winton Bell Athletic Fields is the result of a unique collaboration between the City of Lakeland, Anoka County, and the Belwin Conservancy. The goal of this partnership was to preserve the natural beauty of the area and, at the same time, provide a facility to house and promote interscholastic and intramural sports, physical education, health, and nutrition. Learn information about Woodbury, MN.

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The complex is located within the boundaries of the Belwin Conservancy, which is made up of more than 800 acres of diverse and ecologically-significant natural lands. As an environmentally conscious organization, Belwin Conservancy is committed to preserving, protecting, and restoring the area’s wetlands, forests, prairies, and water resources. The new athletic facility is named after Lucy Winton Bell, who played a key role in the development of Belwin Conservancy. As the first African-American woman to be involved in the organization, Lucy Winton Bell helped train volunteers, build trails, and promote the organization. In addition, she was very involved in developing the policies, practices, and programs that Belwin Conservancy follows today. Her efforts were instrumental in the founding and continued success of the organization. Discover facts about Eco-Tourism: Exploring the Belwin Conservancy Bison Observation Platform.

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