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Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground in Woodbury, MN

Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground in Woodbury, Minnesota, has so much to offer families looking for a great day of fun! Located just minutes from both St. Paul and Minneapolis, Lookout Ridge is one of the premier indoor playgrounds in the state. With its wide variety of activities, attractions, and amenities, Lookout Ridge provides an ideal space for kids of all ages to explore, laugh, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Information can be found here.

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From the moment you enter Lookout Ridge, you will be met with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The large open play area features beautiful murals that blend the play area with its surrounding environment, creating a vibrant and visually thrilling experience. In addition to the colorful walls, Lookout Ridge also features a massive rock wall, an inflatable playground, an obstacle course, and an exciting zip line. In terms of activities, Lookout Ridge has something for everyone. For toddlers and younger children, the Toddler Town is a great place to play. Here parents can help their little ones explore, learn, and develop their gross motor skills. For school-age children, the Sky Challenge is perfect for those looking to have a blast while also exercising their minds. This interactive obstacle course encourages problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration as kids traverse the many bridges, ramps, and climbers that are present throughout the course. See here for information about Ojibway Park – A Family-Friendly Nature Retreat in Woodbury, MN.

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